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Heating Efficiency Upgrades

If you are getting a new boiler installed or are looking for ways to save money and improve the running of your current boiler; there are a number of upgrades to the system that can be done. Keeping you warm and making sure you are not wasting unnecessary money on energy bills.

Magnabooster/ Filter

This works with a dual seapration system, it uses an external magnet and a interanl spirotube element, we fit these on most of our new instals.

The purpose of the magnabooster/filter is to capture magnetic and non magnetic particals which are harmfull too your boiler.

Your existing boiler can also benefit from such an installation as the magnabooster/filter serve a great purpose in protecting the boiler/central heating components they are also proven to reduce fuel bills.

The great thing about the magnabooster/filter is the ease of service this can be carried out by yourself or by one of our experienced engineers whilst part of an annual service.

Supply + fit starts from £149.


TRV (thermostats on your radiator valves)

Why have all your rooms being heated fully when your not using them, with a TRV you can control the temperature of each radiator in every room. You wont be wasting any more fuel or heat and in turn will make your gas bills cheaper.


Wireless room thermostat

Installing a room thermostat will save you money by not bringing on the heating if the house is hot enough, you can set the room temperature to your own desired temperature. We fit wireless ones as it makes it more cost efficient for the customer without the hassle of running wires and chasing out walls.



In order to work at its most efficient, your central heating needs a smooth flow of water around both the pipes and radiators. Overtime these will become clogged; meaning the system will no longer function cost effectively - eventually leading to the system not working all together. Regularly flushing the system through will result in a more efficient system overall and lower the risk of a costly breakdown.

A powerflush can be a huge benefit to a system that is affected by the inevitable build up of sludge. Such benefits include;

  • Radiators heat up quicker and no more cold spots
  • Quieter boiler/system
  • Increased life span of the boiler and system components
  • Reduction in the likelihood of a breakdown

What is included in a power-flush and how does it work? 

We use one of our top of the range power-flush machines to pumps water at high pressure around your whole central heating system. The water within system is mixed with specifically designed  chemicals targeted to break down the sludge blocking the pipes and radiators. The machine extracts the sludge from your system, the chemicals are then drained and the system re-filled with clean water. Each radiator will then be cleaned individually - if we come across any blockages that have not broken down, these will be cut out and the pipe renewed. Finally an inhibitor is added to prevent further build up. We recommended a filter is fitted to keep your system sludge free for longer.

To book a power-flush or enquire further about our services call 01784 252107 or 07784 067 425.


Scale Reducer (Hydroflow)

With as little as 3mm of scale increasing your energy costs by up to 15%, it is important to maintain a scale free system. Hydroflow  technology fits on your main supply pipe, applying an electric field to your whole water system. This has the effect of breaking down any limescale deposits into tiny crystals and in turn stops it sticking to your pipes.

If you live in a hard water area to avoid your boiler breaking down due to a build up of scale, we recommend you have a hydroflow, they are simple to fit and can be done in under an hour.

To book a Hydroflow or enquire further about our services call 01784 252107 or 07784 067 425


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