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Boiler Servicing

It is recommended that you have your boiler serviced annually, this is too ensure your boiler is running safely and efficiently all year round. Poorly maintained boilers can pose a serious health risk - your boiler may become unsafe and you risk the possibility of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

During a service visit what do our engineers do?

  • A visual inspection of the main components inside the boiler (these are also cleaned where necessary)
  • Check all the seals on the boiler are sound, also checking for any leaks or corrosion
  • A gas pressure check to make sure it is working to the manufactures requirements
  • A emissions check on the flue to make sure its burning safely
  • Check the ventilation is up to standard where applicable
  • Check all the safety devices are working correctly as per the manufacturers requirements
  • Parts availability for the boiler are investigated
  • Energy saving advice

At the end of the service you will be left with a heating safety checklist with all the relevant advice needed for your boiler - this will also include its overall efficiency rating.

We also service other appliances such as fires, warm air units, cookers and water heaters.

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